Cosmetic Dermatology

Hair Transplant

Premier Dermatology offers hair transplant, using Smart Graft technology.

For men the goal is to better frame their face by recreating the frontal hairline and then filling in the crown—unless they want different. For women who have more diffuse hair loss, we fill in as much as possible wherever there is hair loss.

Contraindications would be scarrign alopecias; patients under 30 or with  current heavy hair loss (clumps coming out in sink/shower); on blood thinners or coagulopathy; pregnancy; men with only with a thin
horseshoe hair pattern. The donor site is the occiput and temporal regions.

With SmartGraft, the advantage is no linear scar and more natural results. However,  we do shave the
donor sit. While it does grow back in about 10 days, many men will get a military haircut before the
procedure. Women can either get extensions, or if they have long hair, it may cover the shaved area.